• Now, overseas business trip blocked.You can find what's going on in the factory over there more without making business trip. “Digital Twin” does it for you.

It is Yet Another IoT LAN

for the entire space in buildings.

WHERE adopted Bluetooth mesh to support M2M communication.
The platform is deployed in various facilities including
offices, factories, construction sites, airports, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Message from WHERE

WHERE is a company dedicated to “Digital Twin” to visualize “work activity” and to provide solutions for the various issues coming up through its process.

Digital Twin is to produce a replica of the real world in the digital space. WHERE’s original “EXBeacon platform”, IoT-dedicated infrastructure, constantly collects the position data of the people and things as well as various sensor data and can realize any kind of digital twin of the place, such as office, factory, logistic warehouse and tunnel construction site. By visualizing “work activity”, it is easy to dig out the problems hidden in deep down.

To promote this advanced approach, we are ready to provide a number of solutions, such as “EXOffice” for the office space and others tailored for various cases, such as factory, logistics warehouse and hospital, as you desire. Just as a recent addition, “New Normal Tools” are ready for the immediate use for the demand of these days.

ニューノーマル(新常態)の生活シーンやビジネスの現場を、IoTインフラがどの様に支えるか、お客様とともに考える IoTセミナー『 WwWebinar 』を開催します。




Construction site security/Health management

Hoteling Service (EXOffice)

Factory IoT Solution

Hospital Solution