Diagnosis / Data analysis

From data collection to data analysis

Processing the massive data collected by EXBeacon platform

EXBeacon platform is an IoT infrastructure that constantly collects the massive data from BLE tag attached to the people/things and various sensors on the premises.

Flow of data analysis

Collected massive data from BLE tag and the sensors is firstly filtered for eliminating the noise to become readable probe data to be stored in IoT DB as location/time information, temperature/humidity information, etc.

We visualize such information on the dashboard as well as deeply analyze them, using various tools. Additionally, further analysis is available, if combined with external BI tools or AI tools.

Office diagnosis

Office diagnosis

 “Office diagnosis” is one of EXOffice services to support the problem findings as well as visualizing daily work style and usage of office space by analyzing massive office-related data collected by IoT infrastructure.

There are 3 kinds of diagnosis available; “Space usage analysis”, “Communication analysis” and “Work activity analysis”. Each one has its own character and you can get the result as you intend, if you combine them strategically, according to the organization, place and period.
Additionally, there is “My page”, where each employee can check his/her own data from overall point of view.

Space usage analysis

Based on the location/time data of employee collected by IoT infrastructure, it clarifies the attendance ratio and the presence ratio, and analyzes them further, according to the place or the department.

Attendance ratio

Usage ratio status

Meeting room usage ratio

Office density

Contact analysis

Based on the location data of employee, it generates the communication data, such as who was with who, and provides close contact information and attendance ratio per organization. Organization network analysis (Graph analysis) based on communication data is helpful for the better office layout and department position design. In this case, using card-type BLE tag, more precise data can be obtained.

Infected person information

List of person with health risk

”Organizational structure analysis”

It will show not only the personal contact situation, but also the organizational structure of whole company or each department.

It clarifies the organizational structure, using the method such as organization network analysis (graph analysis) based on the communication data collected by EXBeacon platform. It reveals the depth of relationship between departments, communication role inside the department and if there is certain person who works as hub in inter-department communication.
This analysis result can be utilized for designing the office layout and organization placement.

This chart shows the contact cluster analysis result, based on the people’s data collected by card-type BLE tag (EXTx_Air) that has an 1-2m accuracy with the directional information provided by the electric wave strength.
Reproduction ratio of this method is in the higher 80% range, while similar study result with microphone ended up with somewhat in 60% range.

Work activity analysis

It can reveal “Work activity”, using collected and stored location information and sensor information. Focusing on the actual work that was done, it analyzes the work activity. To realize that, connecting the work with location is highly important.

In the modern office, varieties of space are prepared, such as the place for concentration work, co-working space, and several meeting rooms to fit various size of the meeting. Each location is connected with the job done there and if the location of the employee is captured, the daily job report can be generated automatically.

[Daily work report (Presence information)]

Investment priority analysis

As “Work-style reforming” requires the investment, this service, utilizing multiple regression analysis, can provide the investment priority in the best scenario for the company. It sets the result of employee survey as the objective variable, while investment items as the explanatory variables.

[My page]

“My page” is used for each employee, the user of the service, to check his/her own data from overall point of view.

Such data as work daily report (place/presence information), working time, health information and communication tendency can be checked.

Health condition trend

[Daily work report (Presence information)]