Hitachi GLS “exiida (Exiida) conference room management” equipped with EXBeacon

Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc. (President: Jun Taniguchi) will make a service of “exiida conference room management” that utilizes Hitachi’s commercial air conditioner indoor unit “Tenkase 4 directions” and WHERE’s “EXBeacon” available from April 1, 2020.
Plan is to provide “Tenkase 4 Direction” users with a highly functional “Meeting Room Management” system that includes reserving conference rooms, grasping occupancy status, and alarming of the remaining time of the reserved time.
The EXBeacon installed in each air conditioner indoor unit communicates with each other by mesh communication, builds the IoT dedicated LAN “EXBeacon platform”, and efficiently aggregates the sensor information constantly measured in the unit to the gateway.
For details, please refer to the following url.