Certified as Soracom “SPS Certified Solution Partner”

We have been certified as an “SPS Certified Solution Partner” in the “SORACOM Partner Space”, a partner program of SORACOM, INC. (Representative Director: Ken Tamagawa).

The EXBeacon platform, a dedicated network for IoT, has adopted SORACOM Air as an Internet line to further expand the flexibility of the installation environment, and since the commercialization demonstration experiment in 2016, we have utilized various platform services provided by SORACOM, Inc. such as SORACOM Funnel and SORACOM Gate, for the connection between the gateway and the cloud.

Through this partnership, we will continue to pursue the value enhancement of the EXBeacon platform and further improvement of customer productivity through collaboration with SORACOM, Inc and other SPS partners.

Please refer to the following URL for details.