Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection (Part 3)

WHERE has already declared an emergency in a countermeasure against the new coronavirus on March 1, and has been proceeding with measures against infectious diseases. We have decided to take new measures with the aim of business continuity. The outline is as follows.
The situation is changing day by day, and we will review the measures as necessary.

■ 80% reduction in attendance using telework work, etc.

If you can avoid contact with people and do the same work as usual, in principle, all work shall be teleworked. If it is unavoidable to go to work, avoid “three ” and encourage staggered commuting and wearing a mask during work. In-house meetings and meetings are held online except for important ones. By taking such a series of measures, we will reduce the number of employees attending work by 80%.

■ Active use of online communication tools

On the other hand, the importance of communication is increasing as the number of contact opportunities decreases, and we will actively utilize Slack, Teams, etc. to make internal communication closer than usual. In addition, we will keep in close contact with our customers, clarify their work priorities, and then respond to their requests.

■ Thorough employee health management

In addition, we will thoroughly manage the health of our employees. We will use the health check sheet, build a contact and information sharing system when the employee has a health problem, and prevent him/her from the office, if a person has a high fever or symptoms. When it is unavoidable to carry out business trips or on-site work, the safety and health of the employees in charge are given top priority.

■ Formulation of business continuity action guidelines

In addition, we have formulated the “Business Continuity Action Guidelines” so that we can proceed smoothly even under these circumstances, and have built a system to comply with them.