■Ultra-thin card-type BLE tag “EXTx Air”



  • ・Compliant with BLE 4.1
  • ・Rechargeable (Fully charged in 2 hours, can be used for 6 months)
  • ・Card size is 1.2 mm, Ultra thin type
  • ・Remote monitoring of battery level
  • ・With button and LED light
  • ・Can be used as employee ID card
  • ・Can be used for positioning

■ Overview

EXTx Air is a beacon tag compliant with BLE 4.1. It can be used with EXBeacon platform to measure the position of the tagged moving (people or objects), or to measure the position of Smartphone App. in a store.

It has a rechargeable battery which does not require replacement. The battery life is about 6 months. It can be fully charged in 2 hours with a special charger called BaseX. (transmission interval is 3 second).

Moreover, since it is ultra-thin with a card size of 1.2 mm, it can be used as an employee ID card. It is also easy to attach on objects.
Furthermore, when used together with the EXBeacon platform, it is also possible to remotely monitor the battery level.

As a beacon tag, one can say there is no more easy-to-use tag like EXTx Air.
In addition, since it uses CSR1012, it can also be used as a Bluetooth mesh node.

■ Price

9,800 yen per EXTx Air (excluding tax)

■ Points to keep in mind

  • ・The minimum quantity for sale at the above unit price is 100 pieces
  • ・Initial settings will be carried out by WHERE, Inc.
  • ・When large quantities are ordered, it may require mass production.
  • ・When used as employee ID card etc, you can require a special printing.

■ specifications


■ Special charger “Base X”


■ specifications