As telework is getting popular and the office is more on the dispersion trend, “EXOffice” realizes digital twin of the office. Based on the collected data, “attendance management”, “Meeting room management”, “Entrance/exit management” and “Working time management” are all possible with just a single card and one single platform. “Office diagnosis” such as space usage ratio and investment priority analysis are also available.

The EXBeacon platform realizes the “Digital Twin” of the building, and constantly acquires detailed information on the building space and positioning information on people and things. The new service group created in this way will promote building management and operation, building security, sophistication of existing equipment functions, support for working styles, etc., greatly improve building performance, and increase the asset value of the building itself.

By introducing EXBeacon platform, digital twin of the factory is realized to obtain the location data of the workers and the equipment, which contributes to the continuous improvement of the work. It is an epoch-making tool to visualize the required time per product or working process that are never seen before. Additionally, it provides the time/presence management of the workers, trouble prediction and the safety management.

Introducing EXBeacon platform at the site enables to various tasks simultaneously, such as the location management and the working time management of the workers, the equipment location management, and the health management of the workers using the vital sensor.

It visualizes the current status of the pass road and the cave situated underground. EXBeacon platform becomes the new infrastructure for the tunnel to provide various services to support the activity by one-stop, such as the location management of the workers and the safety management for the heavy machines.

People and material handling management will be available, which was hardly available before. It visualizes the movement of the workers (work activity, in other words) and generates the daily report automatically, or reveals the non-efficiency in the work process. It also visualizes the location of the pallet and the forklift, reduces the time to locate the equipment and improves the safety management.

BY introducing EXBeacon platform, it enables to obtain the current location of the nurses/the patients/the staff and medical equipment on real-time basis. If vital sensor is added, it can detect the health condition and status (e.g. fall alert) of the patients at the same time.

The retail shops are facing the new issues such as the lack of man power. EXBeacon platform realizes the digital twin of the shop. Based on the location data of the staff and the environment information, it provides the effective way of the shop management even remotely.