By using EXBeacon platform, we can figure out the time and location of people and things (materials, manufactured goods, pallets, forklifts) in the factory and analyze their routes to improve the workflow. We can carry out location management, detailed workflow management, workflow improvement and time management which used to be very difficult. In addition, we can implement failure prevention detection linked with sensors attached to equipment and manage the safety and health condition of workers, using vital sensor information.

■Location management in factories

By utilizing the position data of people and things, access control and work management documents in the factory, we can visualize the factory, leading to more efficient work and improved safety in the factory.

  • Location management of materials, manufactured goods, pallets, etc.
  • Employee entry/exit control, location management, work attendance management
  • Location management of forklifts and other movable things
■ Factory environment management
  • Factory environment management (room temperature, CO2)
  • Failure prevention detection of machines
  • Employee safety management (vital sensor data)
■ Case study 1  Detailed workflow management using work register positioning
  • The EXBeacon platform receives radio signals from BLE tags attached to work registers and pinpoints their positions and performs detailed real-time workflow management.

■Case study 2 Platform truck & pallet location management
  • By attaching BLE tags to pallets and platform trucks and asking workers to carry button type BLE tags, we can figure out their locations in the factory and visualize the progress of process flow in real time. In addition, we can collect platform truck availability information by attaching a pressure sensor etc. to the trucks.

■ Location information management that seamlessly synchronizes indoor and outdoor
  • It is possible to locate employees, pallets, products and so on between indoors and outdoors seamlessly.
    We will use EXBeacon indoors and NB-IoT etc. outdoors.


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