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Coping with the tendency that the office is getting more and more decentralized, “EXOffice” provides 12 new office services, including attendance management, meeting room management and telework support, based on the collected information, such as the employee’s activity and the environment in the office.
“Smart building” uses the sensing technology to cover the whole building, not only the office area but also the common part of the premises, and provides the various services, such as the equipment/tools control and the enter/exit security.
“EXBeacon platform” is the IoT-dedicated LAN that realizes the both, which means by just carrying a single card, the employee can enjoy all services, as it covers the whole premises, where he/she works.


Due to the spread of Covid-19, we are being forced to choose work from home (telework) and experiencing the very different work environment than before. We are discovering the bad side of the sloppy meeting and the long commute, while finding out the good side of meeting in-person and face to face reviewing the job result. 

However, telework today is something we have to take under such circumstances, but in the near future it will surely evolve into “ABW (Activity Based Working)” that is the advanced style of today’s telework. 

ABW means the work style that is based on the work activity, where people can freely decide the place and time of the work. It is expected to give the benefit for both the employee and the management.

EXOffice is a solution to optimize the work activity. It works on EXBeacon platform, which collects various information in the office space, such as the seating position in the non-territorial office, employee’s real-time location and their working time and work activity. EXOffice provides 12 must services for the decentralized office age, including time and labor management, attendance management, meeting room management, entrance/exit control. 

EXHome is the latest addition to the service line-up. It supports the work from home (telework), just as EXOffice does to the office. For more information, please click the banner.

Use cases

EXOffice has been introduced into many offices having workers from hundreds to thousands range.

Employee's attendance management (non-territorial office)

Customer: NTT DOCOMO, Inc. – Chiba branch

Employee’s attendance management is easily realized. EXBeacons appropriately deployed in the office space receive the signal from employee’s beacon tag to display their location on the screen.


Employee's attendance management (traditional office - fixed seating)

Customer: Kyowa Exeo Corporation

Different from the case of non-territorial office, where EXOffice tells the employee’s location, it provides presence information for the fixed seating office. “Available” means the target person is available for the internal telephone call, and it gives other status, such as Away and RightBeBack, based on the positioning information of the employee.


EXOffice: Complete story

Smart building

When EXBeacon platform, the IoT infrastructure, is installed in the entire building, it can provide higher quality/lower priced “Security management service” as well as “Environment-linked air conditioning/light control service” utilizing the environment sensing technology.

Security management (Entrance/Exit management, Electronic lock Interlock Authentication management)

  • Door will open after authentication done by the signal from each employee’s tag received by EXBeacon placed by the door (combination with PIR sensor would give more accuracy)
  • When the last person leaves the floor or the building, automatic security system starts working 30 minutes after no signal is detected from the tag. No cad reader operation required.
  • Entrance security can be intensified by 2 factor authentication; combination of card-type BLE tag and 10 key input device.

Environment-linked lighting/air conditioning control

  • Developed in collaboration with major air conditioning company (BLE sub system for next generation air conditioning system), general contractors and major design office (Human detection and air conditioning system with motion sensor and EXBeacon platform).
  • It controls the lighting and air conditioning utilizing the various environment information, such as temperature/humidity and presence of the people, measured and collected from the office space.

New building network

There used to be the case, where several standalone networks, such as management-related services, telephone services and LAN-related services, existed inn the building. Now today, they are integrated in one total network, and new method, such as “local 5G” or “IoT-dedicated LAN (or LPWA)”, are getting introduced. EXBeacon platform is the IoT-dedicated LAN that provides various efficient building management services.

Introduction effect/use cases

  • When the BAS is upgraded, it is time to think about adding the service for common area, such as free-seating system management, at a low price. (Total service covering entire building can be provided without separating common area from the tenant area.)
  • Around 20% cost saving can be expected in comparison with traditional building management (e.g. Kyowa Exeo Corporation).
  • One single BLE card goes for all management services that cover from entrance/exit, meeting room, attendance and telework support in one-stop.
  • Real-time control of lighting, air conditioning and open/close of electric doors is made possible, depending on the actual usage of the building.