To those who are considering the next step towards the implementation of work-style reform, WHERE is deploying an IoT platform to visualize the location of people and objects, utilization rate, communication activities, etc. in the office and to solve customer problems such as inadequate meeting room, promotion of interaction between employees, and thorough attendant management, to improve business operations.

■Main functions and services

<Employee location control>

Attendance management is performed based on the information gathered about employees’ presence in the office and their entry and exit control.

  • Employee location control (Free address & Fixed seat)
  • Entry & exit management and work attendance management
  • Visitor access management

<Meeting room and Toilet management>

  • Meeting room management (Usage management and coordination with the booking system)
  • Toilet management (Occupancy display)
  • Office environment management (Temperature and humidity, CO2)
  • Grasping the “quality of meeting”

<Goods & doc. management>

  • We manage the whereabouts of goods and documents. It is effective for the management of office equipment, such as seal and tape printing machines (tepra) which can easily disappear in the office.

<Link with office furniture and visualize>

Link with office furniture and visualize the relationship between the users and the furniture.

  • Conference desk sensor
  • Cushion sensor
  • Air-conditioner​ temperature and humidity sensing
  • Switching lighting in conjunction with a human sensor (PIR sensor)

<Data analysis>

Through the EXBeacon platform we can collect enormous location and time data. We provide various analysis services according to purpose from simple position information analysis (heat map, route analysis) to structural analysis.


■Equipment (beacon tag)


■ Price (a rough standard)

This is a case where only employee location management is performed (part of EXOffice functions).

  • ・For about 300 employees
  • ・Free address (4 to 6 people per positioning area)
  • ・Employees presence management
  • ・Initial cost starts from 5 million yen
  • ・Running cost (annual) starts from 960,000 yen


<Employee attendance management (free address)>

[Customer] Docomo CS Chiba Branch

A system that can easily manage the presence of employees in a free address office (aka Hot desking office).
EXBeacons are installed at various offices to receive radio signals from beacon tags carried by employees. From the radio signals received, the system figures out the seat location of the employees.


<Employee attendance management (fixed seats)>

[Customer] Kyowa Exeo Headquarters

In the free address office we figure out the current location of the employees, but fixed seat office, we ascertain the presence status. For example, “presence” refers to whether or not the employee can be reached on an extension number, and based on the collected position information, such determination is made.


■ Reference

<Office solutions>

  • Meeting room management solutions
  • Office utilization analysis solutions
  • Ultra-thin card-type BLE tag “EXTx Air”