Integrated office solutions to redefine work place.Location information of people and objects would be rendered visible.

“EXOffice” is an integrated service package for offices. By deploying the EXBeacon platform, it is possible to provide a variety of offsite services, including location services as an All-in-one infrastructure. “EXOffice” is a package of these diverse office services that can be easily used on smartphones and PCs.

■ Key features of EXOffice

EXOffice provides more than 10 applications, including attendance management and meeting room management. These services are available on the EXBeacon platform.

Each service uses a Web browser, so it can be used on a smartphone or a PC.

Even without using a smartphone, positioning can be performed by carrying BLE tags or cards, as such cost can be reduced. The status of BLE tags etc. and battery etc. can be monitored.

Positioning accuracy is usually 3-10 meters. However, by using directional EXBeacon, it is possible to accurately measure with accuracy of 1 meter. In addition, we can do positioning of several tens of cm with AOA technology.

The CMS screen is also enhanced. You can easily perform operations such as additional registration, deletion and changing of employees’ information, as well as remote monitoring of the BLE tags.

The data collected by this platform is huge. We make full use of statistical analysis to derive truly useful information. CSV output is also easy.

■Deployed equipment

· EXGateway+(Gateway): Sends the data collected from the BLE network to the Cloud via LTE/LAN etc.
· EXBeacon+(transceiver): Install on the ceiling or desktop, collect data from BLE tags, EXTx Air etc.
· EXSensor: Various sensors can be mounted on ordinary EXBeacon equipment. (Temperature and humidity, PIR etc.)
· EXTx(BLE tag): It is BLE tag with a replaceable battery. Depending on business requirements the transmission interval can be changed.
· EXTx Air (BLE tag): It is a card type BLE tag which is rechargeable. Depending on business requirements the transmission interval can be changed.