What is "EXOffice"?

Must-have solution for the office in New Normal era

EXOffice is a total solution to provides 14 must-have solutions for the office in “New Normal” era.

As telework is becoming usual and the office is changing drastically, it is getting highly important how to give a good motivation to the office worker, or how to manage the job and/or the employee remotely. “EXOffice” to realize “Digital twin” gives the answer to these issues.

Digital twin means to create a replica of the real world in the digital space. EXOffice enables to produce digital twin of the office by constantly collecting the data, such as location/movement of the employee and work place environment to provide various services never before available.

Now that telework became de fact standard of the work style, the office layout has physically been changed…and what’s next? “EXOffice” will find and solve the fundamental issues in a real sense.


テレワークが常態となり、オフィスが大きく様変わりする中で、いかにオフィスワーカーが仕事の満足度を感じられるか?、管理者が分散する仕事や人を掌握できるのか? 『EXOffice』はこの大きな課題に「デジタルツインを実現する道具」として応えていきます。



Decentralized + ABW = New Normal

The workers in the world found their work style has suddenly changed drastically because of Covid-19 pandemic.
However, a while back, this trend had started quietly. It is called ABW (Activity Based Working), where people can choose work time and place as they want.
Since not only the office but also the work place are getting scattered into one’s home or some shared offices, people begin to choose the place and time for their better life design. It seems difficult for the company not to follow this trend.
On the other hand, you can see the new issues coming up in this decentralized world.
EXOffice is a tool to eliminate the problems coming from the decentralization and helps you to promote ABW as you wish.

Complete understanding of "EXOffice"

1. Service for New Normal Office

[Attendance management/Equipment management]

Displays the people and the things over the floor map

It displays the location of the employee on the floor map. Easy to search the target person. Clicking the icon, it shows the characteristics of that person, such as name, photo, employee number, extension number, in the pop-up screen. This icon can be modified in its shape and color.

Locates the target person immediately in the non-territorial office

Attendance management provides 2 services; ” for fixed seating” and “for free seating”. In the non-territorial office (free seating), attendance management is a must to contact the target person correctly. For the fixed seating office, it contributes to the productivity, as knowing the availability of the target person beforehand helps to choose the best communication way.

[Meeting room management]

Visualizes the use status

It displays the use status per room. It tells not only the availability of the room, but also more in the details, such as “reserved, but not in use” or “In use without reservation” if combined with reservation information from other services such as Outlook. Tapping the icon, the use details will come up.

Data analysis such as reservation occupancy rate

Based on the collected data, graph display is available for the analysis result such as (1) Reservation rate, (2) Occupancy rate, (3) Reservation occupancy rate, (4) Non-reservation occupancy rate, (5) Reservation non-occupancy rate. These are helpful to understand the meeting room usage situation (such as the most popular room, the worst manner department and so on) and to rearrange the meeting room layout.

[Toilet occupancy/Canteen congestion rate display]

Reduces the stress for use

It displays the toilet occupancy per floor (vacancy vs total number of room), by utilizing magnet sensor and motion sensor. Canteen congestion rate is shown by using motion sensor. Congestion rate is available every 30 minutes per table as the actual number of people seated vs total number of the seat.

[Indoor environment management/Visitor access area management]

Alert reporting with the access to the off-limit by the visitor

Set the off-limit and the visitor with the visiting card enters the area, icon will flash on the floor map, and at the same time, the intrusion information (detection starting time, card No. and zone name) is sent by the mail to the specified manager. Off-limit is easy to set.

[CMS screen for easy management]

CMS screen gives full of information. It is easily done the addition/deletion of employee, replacement of map, addition/deletion of icon, monitoring BLE tag and other edge devices.

"EXOffice" experienced!

2. Visualizes work from home/telework

EXHome: Telework support service

For more information, please go to the dedicated page.

3. Optimize the work and the life by office diagnosis

3 kinds of data analysis

EXOffice realizes “Digital twin” of the office, utilizing IoT infrastructure introduced in the office space. “Office diagnosis” is one of EXOffice services to support the problem findings as well as visualizing daily work style and usage of office space by analyzing massive office-related data collected by IoT infrastructure.

There are 3 kinds of analysis available; “Space usage analysis”, “Communication analysis” and “Work activity analysis”. Each one has its own character and you can get the result as you intend, if you combine them strategically, according to the organization, place and period. Additionally, there is “My page”, where each employee can check his/her own data from overall point of view.

[Space usage analysis]

Analysis is available for meeting room usage ratio, active ratio per organization and floor density based on collected massive office data. Result of the analysis can be displayed on the dashboard.

In addition, priority judgement of office investment based on user satisfaction survey can also be done.

[Communication analysis]

Based on the location data of employee, it generates the communication data, such as who was with who, and provides close contact information and attendance ratio per organization. Organization network analysis (Graph analysis) based on communication data is helpful for the better office layout and department position design. In this case, using card-type BLE tag, more precise data can be obtained.

[Work activity analysis]

Based on aggregated positioning data and sensor data, “Work activity” is clarified. Focusing on the actual work result, it analyzes the work activity. In this case, place and the work relationship is important.

In the newest contemporary office, the workplace is diversified in various ways, such as space for concentration, co-working space, meeting room for group of small numbers and traditional meeting room. As each place is linked to the work, if the employee’s location is grasped, then the daily work report should be generated automatically.

[My page]

My page is used for each employee, the user of the service, to check his/her own data from overall point of view.

Such data as work daily report (place/presence information), working time, health information and communication tendency can be checked.

For more information, click here.

4. Smart Building created by IoT

In the tenant zone in the office building, It provides the services with “EXOffice” and for the common area in the building, the entrance/exit service in connection with electric key authentication service is available.
With the introduction of “EXBeacon platform” all over the building, digital twin of the entire building is realized.
Compared with the traditional building management service, it can provide “security management service” in higher quality/lower price along with “environment-related HVAC/lighting control service” that is co-related with environment sensing in the building.

Security management (Entrance and exit control/Electronic lock opening and closing)

  • EXBeacon platform detects the electric wave from BLE card that is carried by employee for touchless authentication and unlocks the key. (For more precise control, it can be combined with PIR sensor.)
  • 30 minutes after it detects the last tag signal, the card-key system automatically goes into working. Employee doesn’t have to operate the card, when he/she leaves the floor/building as the last person.
  • To intensify the security for the entrance, 2 factor authentication is available with BLE card carried by the employee and 10-key input.

Environment-related lighting/HVAC control

  • It is co-developed with major HVAC service company (BLE-type sub-system in the next generation HVAC system), general construction company and major design office (human detection and HVAC control by the combination of motion sensor and EXBeacon platform).
  • It measures and collects the detailed information from various places in the office such as temperature/humidity and existence of human, and it utilizes them for the control of the lighting and HVAC.

New-type building network

Traditionally, a pair of line and the network independently exists for each service group such as management service, telephone service, LAN service and so on. However, today, the trend is the integrated network of IP communication and Ethernet basis combines the networks inside the building, and new type of network such as “local 5G” and “IoT-dedicated LAN (or LPWA)” are coming in to use.

EXBeacon platform, IoT-dedicated LAN, provides the high efficiency building management service.

Introduction effect (Excerpt)

  • It is easily to add the service for the common area, such as non-terrestrial office, with affordable price, when updating BAS. (Entire building total management service is available without separating the tenant zone and the common area.)
  • In comparison wit the traditional building management cost, 20% reduction seems achievable (in case of Kyowa EXEO corporation).
  • One single BLE card can provide one-stop solution for entrance/exit security, attendance/meeting room/working time management and telework support.
  • Real-time control of lighting and HVAC and/or opening and closing of the electric lock become available, as the usage situation of the building changes.

Microsoft Teams linkage

EXOffice is available on Teams

All services of “EXOffice” are available on Microsoft Teams. One can chat, set the video conference, or check the availability of the meeting room with the confirmation of the target person’s situation. It surely contributes the communication efficiency.

Meeting room reservation/use management with Microsoft 365 linkage

It is possible to manage the use versus reservation of the meeting room with “EXOffice meeting room management function” based on the data from Microsoft 365.

Grasp the work activity

EXOffice grasp the location of the employee and his/her work related to the location. If you add the onsite information from Microsoft Teams, employee’s work activity is captured and the daily work report is generated automatically.


Microsoft Teams上ですべての『EXOffice』サービスを提供します。在席状況や会議参加状態などを確認した上で、チャットしたり、ビデオ会議を設定したり、会議室の空き状況を確認したり、特にコミュニケーションに係る業務効率を飛躍的に向上させます。




『EXOffice』は従業員の場所や場所と紐付いた業務を把握するツールです。これにMicrosoft Teamsのオンサイト情報を加えることで、従業員の業務アクティビティを把握、日報を自動生成します。

How to realize this? What is the infrastructure?

Introduce “EXBeacon platform” in the offcie and provide the employee with BLE tag.
EXBeacon platform measures the employee’s location and movement by receiving the electric wave from BLE tag. At the same time, it relates with various sensors and collects the information from them.
1 to 3 EXGateway terminals and several EXBeacon terminals per floor (block) should be deployed strategically to establish EXBeacon platform (See the chart below).

  • EXGateway: It uploads the data collected by the BLE network to the cloud through LTE/LAN.
  • EXBeacon: Deployed on the ceiling or table, it collects the data from BLE tags
  • EXSensor: Various sensors can be added on usual EXBeacon terminals (Temperature/humidity, PIR, etc.)
  • EXTx: Battery-operated BLE tag. Transmission interval can be adjusted, according to the purpose.
  • EXTx Air: Rechargeable card-type BLE tag. Transmission interval can be adjusted, according to the purpose.
    * Small size and light weight type; good for space/energy saving.
  • EXGateway:
  • EXBeacon  :
  • EXSensor   :
  • EXTx     :
  • EXTx Ai   :