Solve the issues for both, the employee as well as the management, and upgrade your Telework life!

Traditional office style (centralized) is now reforming into telework-oriented decentralized one. To cope with this trend, “EXHome” realizes “Home Digital Twin” by collecting various information related work at home, such as indoor environment and isolated work situation.

While your “Presence” is shared with your colleagues, managers and the staff members to create the feeling of “working together”, a daily work report is automatically generated based on your work result and it helps to find out your own work rhythm by analyzing work contents. For the company, such aggregated data is useful for work management, health management, progress management and even for the evidence to calculate the telework support fee.

Unique issues of telework

Many company-wide issues that are never anticipated come up, right after starting telework with rental PC and newly built communication network at home. Employee tends to feel awkward with the meeting or brainstorming sessions. He/she might face several problems, such as feeling difficult to find out the best place at home for work, losing a sense of security that is normally given in the office environment, feeling left alone and start worrying about the manager. On the other hand, the management side might face the issues such as finding the way to manage the working time and the attendance of employee, introducing the tool for the meeting and communication and on top of that, paying attention to health care management and work environment optimization at home.


What is "EXHome"?

Digital Twin for the decentralized office style

Now the time for “EXHome”. It creates “Digital Twin of the work place at home” and collects various information such as work environment and work status of employee. “Digital Twin” means to create a replica of the real world in the digital space. It is a new “place” for the teleworker, utilizing home digital twin, to give a sense of security and keep the productivity high as possible.

EXHome collects the following 4 kinds of information; “Presence”, “Attendance”, “Workplace environment” and “APP use status”. Easy steps for installation and just deploying the edge devices will start collecting information. Collected information will be stored in the cloud (EXCloud) to make a world-wide network for teleworking people.


Introducing "Presence board"

[Presence overview screen]

Presence overview screen shows “Presence information” (Available, Away, Offline, Busy, DoNotDisturb, BeRightBack) of managers, staff members and colleagues, thanks to the link with Microsoft Teams or installed PC resident application. This screen capture is an example of “EXOffice” introduced in the office that provides “In/Not in (the office)” and “Presence” information.

Overview of employee's location and presence information

[Daily report overview screen]

Daily report overview screen shows the employee’s daily report of work result in a row, utilizing the collected information of employee’s presence and app usage status and generating the report automatically.

[Telework rate screen]

Telework rate screen shows such information as telework rate, attendance rate, tele-commute rate, occasional attendance and so on in the way of per department, day, week and month.

[Work analysis screen]

Work analysis screen shows the collected information in the processed and analyzed form. It is useful for the employee who feels getting less productive due to the isolated work situation to review the time allocation for the work per day, week and month and get the good rhythm back. On the other hand, it can be utilized for the various ways, such as activity total time per project, labor management by daily report and the evidence for calculating the telework support fee.

[Work (at home) environment screen]

Work (at home) environment screen shows the information from various sensors in the processed and analyzed form.

Introduction effect



Communication with care
Knowing the status of the target person (available for the chat, busy, out of desk, etc) leads to the best choice (telephone, chat or mail) for the communication.

Eliminate anxiety by sharing the presence
Your status is always displayed and the presence is shared, you don’t have to feel left alone. It also proves your work situation to the management.

Manage working place/time in your way
It improves the time management and suggests the more appropriate working place by reviewing and tuning the working style for more efficiency.

Company/management side


Labor standards act compliant labor management by auto daily report
Labor management compliant with the labor standards act can be available by automatically-generated daily report based on the quantitative data of time, place and contents of employee’s work.

Improve work activity per project
Using each employee’s work result data, it recounts to analyze the duration of the meeting, chatting and concentration and suggests the efficiency improvement.

Evidence of teleworking
Employee should be compensated with the utility bills and the house rent during telework. It gives a clear evidence of the home resources usage of the employee.

Health management for the decentralized office style
It is said that health problem tends to appear after 3 months of full-time telework. That is why good health management at telework is asked even from the labor standards act point of view. EXHome collects the necessary information that is used for this kind of purpose.

Guide to EXHome introduction

Simple set and standard set of services

2 sets of services are available; “Simple set” can be started right after some procedures completed and you don’t have to worry about any additional equipment needed. “Standard set” provides more precise services with EXGateway installed at home for the detailed data collection. It is a choice, depending on the telework rate and the level of decentralization of the office. For more information, please download the document and ask us in the inquiry form.


Expansion from home (EXHome) to company (EXOffice)

EXHome is a tool for realizing a digital twin at home, but when linked with EXOffice, it can realize a digital twin for the entire company, such as displaying presents information during normal work and telework.

Understanding Exome in 2 minutes!