Retail shop

Recent issues such as manpower shortage and earlier closing of the shop require the retail sector new ways of improving the productivity.

EXBeacon platform installed in the shop realizes “digital twin of the shop”. It constantly collects the data such as employee’s positioning and indoor environment and based on these enormous data, it makes effective site operation/management and total monitoring available.

There are 4 kinds of solution for the retail shop.

Measure the activity of the employee

It constantly measures the place and time per employee and stores them in the database. It generates a daily work report automatically and measures the work activity based on the information linked between place and time.

Introduction effect

  • Automatic generation of the daily report can saves the manpower and the correct information collection can be achieved.
  • It visualizes the wastes and the inefficiencies in operation by visualizing the work activities.

Constant collection of the indoor environment data

Sensors deployed in various places in the shop effectively collect the sensor data “at once” and “all the time”.

Introduction effect

  • Temperature data, manually collected before, will be aggregated automatically and precisely.

  • HACCP can be available in low price.

  • It contributes much to the shop environment maintenance during the time slot under manpower shortage.

Measure the zone density and the number of customer who visits the shop

When the sensors such as precise motion sensor and directional beacon are connected with EXBEacon platform, it measures zone density as well as counts up the shop visitors.

Introduction effect

  • It easily collects the information regarding the visitors that was hard to get in the past such as density by the shopping zone over time, toilet occupancy and so on.

Realtime total shop monitoring by remote

EXBeacon platform totally collects the data such as “employee’s position”, “humidity/temperature sensors in the shop” and “shop density information” and uploads them to store in the cloud.

Introduction effect

  • As it gathers the status of each shop on real-time basis in the cloud, it is easy to establish the center monitoring system.

  • It is also possible to find the trouble at the operation center to put out an alert to the every shop.

How can it be available?

Introduce EXBeacon platform into each shop. EXBeacon platform is a new IoT-dedicated LAN. It receives the wave from BLE tag attached to the people or things to measure the their position (indoor positioning) and at the same time, collects the various sensor information.

For example, a set of one gateway and several EXBeacon receivers deployed properly is good enough to establish the mesh network in the convenience store.