Geo Application

Geo Application (Geo App.) is an application for smartphones that uses positioning (measurement of location information) services as a core function. As the trailblazer of Geo App. in Japan, we have provided various Geo Applications. Currently, Geo App. is built as an I/F on the EXBeacon platform, providing a comprehensive location-based service (EXOffice).
The main lineup of Geo Applications include “EXTravel” for Tourism and “EXDefender” for disaster prevention.


EXTravel is a multi-language compatible application that combines tour guide and disaster prevention functions.

Key features

It has functions to search for facilities registered in the application. In case you have decided your destination, you can specify the facility name and search for it, or if the destination is vague, you can search from a category or from your current location.

You can find directions from your current location to the facilities you are searching for. The destination is displayed in two ways. One method is guidance on Google Map and the other is by augmented reality (AR) using smartphone camera function to show the direction of travel etc.

It is a function that allows you to use one route to introduce recommended facilities that tourists want to see, and the related multiple facilities. You can create a route to introduce world heritage sites, a route to play all day, and you can create routes freely. The created route can be shown in ways namely, display on Google and by augmented reality (AR)

It is a function to display the hazard map received from the municipality. Due to the fact that disaster prevention is mentioned regularly, we encourage the improvement of its awareness. Depending on the plan, WHERE, Inc. will announce disaster information and the opening of new evacuation centers etc. in conjunction with the “L alert” recommended by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Even when not in an emergency, it can be used to broadcast notifications from municipalities during peacetimes.

This function can be used to select a language other than Japanese. In addition to Japanese, it supports English, Chinese (Simplified/ Traditional) and Korean. Support for other languages is on option basis.

Extensive options

Apart from the main functions, we would like to introduce some functions that can be added to the App.

The term “telop” is used to indicate text superimposed on a screen, such as captions, subtitles, or scrolling tickers.
It is a function that enables the display of information such as event information and App. updates on the top page of the App.

This is a feature that allows users to be notified with push notifications when distributing a line ticker in an App.

It is an extension function of the recommended route function, and it allows users of the application to register facilities in the order they like and create original routes.

You can create and register the content with the app, however the first time you create the app, WHERE, Inc. will do the registration.

In addition to that, we also have many optional functions such as automatic content display function, stamp rally and treasure hunting function.


It is an application that gives disaster information and municipal evacuation instructions promptly and supports optimal evacuation guidance for each disaster type.

Key features

In order to protect people’s lives and wealth from natural disasters such as the recent earthquake and the heavy rains in recent years, it is a challenge to promptly and efficiently communicate disaster information. To respond to these, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is promoting L-Alert. The L-Alert (Local-Alert) is a system that consolidates the transmitted disaster information in a centralized manner and distributes it to a wide variety of media simultaneously, and this application works in conjunction with our system, and provides fast and reliable information not only for residents but for visitors also.

< Emergent earthquake warning > We receive and analyze emergency earthquake reports from Japan Meteorological Agency and start to pop up and countdown the expected arrival time and the intensity in pre-registered areas. Press the button to initiate evacuation guidance support. Even when communication is interrupted, it is possible to cache the map information and evacuate while confirming your current location and evacuation center.

Depending on the grade, the following three evacuation support functions can be provided:
· Evacuation support by displaying evacuation centers
· Evacuation support to the nearest evacuation center
· Evacuation support for each disaster type

The hazard map is displayed on the screen. The current location can also be displayed on the hazard map. The following are the hazard maps: “tsunami”, “landslide disasters” and “floods”. It is possible to flip between types.

※The hazard maps must be provided by the municipality.

Major case studies

Tochigi prefecture
Gunma prefecture
Saitama prefecture 
Kanagawa prefecture
Yamanashi prefecture 
Kyoto prefecture
Wakayama prefecture
Hiroshima prefecture

· Nikko city
· Ikaho-machi
· Fukaya City Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Hall
· Taito Ward & Sumida Ward
· Ebina City & Fujisawa City
· Fuefuki city
· Daigoji Temple in Kyoto City
· Koya cho
· Higashihiroshima City