WHERE, Inc. can provide safety management of workers and their progress of work in dangerous places such as utility tunnels and bridges.

■IoT LAN in Tunnels

Even in tunnels where GPS and smartphone radio signals can not reach, it is easy to build a network with the EXBeacon platform.

With this new LAN we can manage the whereabouts and status of workers and objects (heavy machinery, equipment, machinery tools, etc.) in tunnels. In addition, by connecting with various sensors we can manage the health of the workers by connecting with the environmental management (temperature, humidity, gas, etc.) and vital sensors, in the tunnel.



■Use at bridge pier

By temporarily deploying EXBeacon platform at bridge construction or maintenance work site, we can perform workers’ location management, work attendance management, health management, and manage the whereabouts and state of things (heavy equipment, equipment, machine tools, etc.). The EXBeacon platform can be easily dismantled and redeployed according to the progress of the work (such as moving to a different section of the construction area).




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