WHERE, Inc. is a company pursuing the real affluence that IoT brings, through the provision of IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure "EXBeacon Platform". Therefore while keeping within the company, almost all that vertical technology groups require for providing IoT infrastructure, from hardware design prototype to embedded software development and applications development, WHERE, Inc. continues to provide IoT solutions and to pioneer IoT related technologies.

EXBeacon Platform
A new IoT infrastructure covering the entire indoor space, using Bluetooth mesh. It is deployed in various facilities such as offices, factories, warehouses, construction sites, airports and hospitals. In addition to finding the location of people, things, and moving bodies, we aggregate various sensor data as a huge sensor. Furthermore, it supports machine-to-machine communication and autonomous control.

IoT Solutions
In this way, the EXBeacon platform as infrastructure unique to buildings, makes it possible to operate multiple applications with different purposes. In facilities such as offices and factories, there are many problems, but it will be an all-inclusive new solution to the problems, such as indoor positioning, which used to be difficult.

Company name “WHERE”
As the word WHERE? (where) indicates, since WHERE, Inc. was established, location-based service (finding location) has been our core business. Also, our desire is to be the center of excellence in the group that is wondering about "What is the (dwelling place) place? which is fluctuating in the information society.