WHERE, Inc. is a company pursuing the true wealth that IoT brings through the provision of IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure “EXBeacon platform”. We provide services such as indoor positioning, sensor data aggregation, remote monitoring and control by using this infrastructure “EXBeacon platform” for IoT. These services will fundamentally change the relationship between people and machines, people and building facilities.

We have almost all the vertical technologies required to provide IoT infrastructure in-house, from hardware design prototypes to embedded software development, office design and construction, application development, and data analysis. In this way, we are at the forefront of the development of the fastest-growing IoT-related technologies. And will continue to provide IoT solutions to our partner companies in both Japan and overseas.

The word WHERE? stands for “where”
Since the establishment of WHERE? as the word stands, our core business has been location-based (positioning) services. Likewise, we desire to be in the group that keeps asking “at what place? at what point? whither? or the whereabouts of things” which is agitating the information society.

Our concept “WHERE is everywhere!”
Represents the conviction​ that WHERE’s proprietary technology permeates any country or region across borders. In addition, we are aiming at establishing technologies to seamlessly locate and gather information about people and Things not only in indoors but also outdoors.

■Company Profile

Company Name WHERE, Inc.
Main Office 3-29, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094 Japan
TEL: +81(3)6261-5722
FAX: +81(3)6261-5725
Capital capital 45 million yen
Capital reserve 25 million yen
Bank Mizuho Bank Shimbashi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Tokyo Central Branch
Chiba Bank Akihabara Branch
Shareholder KYOWA EXEO Corp. (100%)
Officer Representative Director Hajime Maruta
Director Yasuo Ootsubo (Kyowa Exeo Corp. Managing director)
Director Taizo Yamamoto (Deputy Director, Solution Promotion Division, ICT Solution Business Division)
Director Mitsuhisa Iwai (Senior Vice President, Solutions Promotion Division, ICT Solution Business Unit)
Director Takashi Yuri (President, TechMatrix Corporation)
Corporate Auditor Hidehiro Kuroda (KYOWA EXEO Corp. Manager, Finance Department)