Logistics warehouse

Thorough space management in the warehouse. Many distribution warehouses are able to manage inventory, but they are not able to manage the goods space in the warehouse space, and there are many cases where time and effort are spent searching for goods. Therefore, by introducing the EXBeacon platform, it will be possible to thoroughly manage real-time items and manage employee entry / exit and location.

Two logistics warehouse solutions

We offer the following two solutions.


Smart Logistics Solution [LogiEX]

Use scene

 Recommended for customers who have the following warehouses.

  • If you have an intermediate inventory place at the production base (factory) that is the starting point for logistics
  • If you have a transportation hub in various industries
  • If you are not big enough to deploy WMS
  • When the storage location is constantly flowing
  • When the storage location is managed by PC software such as Excel

Main functions and services


System image




Case study

[Kyowa EXEO Logistics Warehouse]


Distribution Center Worker / Equipment Observation Solution

Use scene

Recommended for customers who have the following warehouses.

  • We use the WMS that has already been introduced to manage the loading and unloading of goods, but the operation management of workers working there is not automated.
  • The distribution center is entrusted with the operations of many customers, but accurate cost management for each customer operation is not possible.
  • We want to analyze the flow of workers and make appropriate arrangements (reviews) of article storage locations.
  • I want to perform safety management and health management for workers.

Main functions and services

System image


System image (screen)

Worker location display


Worker location display (heat map)