We thoroughly manage the space in warehouses. In many logistics warehouses, although inventory management has been put in place, there are many cases where the material space management in the warehouse is not possible, and there are many cases where time and labor are spent searching for the whereabouts of items. Therefore by deploying the EXBeacon platform in the warehouse, we can manage the wares in real-time as well as the entry/exit and the whereabouts of employees.

■ Location management in warehouses

The EXBeacon platform receives radio signals from BLE tags attached to goods, forklifts etc., to figure out their location in the warehouse. We can also determine the location information in the vertical direction (z-direction). At the same time, we can manage the entry/exit of employees as well as their work attendance.

  • Goods and pallet location management
  • Forklift location management
  • Entry & exit control, work attendance management
  • Indoor environment management

■ Real-time inventory management

We provide an integrated inventory management system by linking product management and space management with handy terminals etc.

  • In conjunction with handy terminals

■ Environment management in warehouse

We collect and manage environmental information such as temperature and humidity in the warehouse.

  • Factory environment management (temperature, humidity, CO2)
  • Safety management (vital information, monitoring workers status such as fall down, collapse, etc.)
■ Case study “Forklift guidance”

– With the signals coming from BLE tags attached to pallets, the location of wares on the pallets are determined and LED lights provide guidance to the location of the pallets.

■ Place of deployment
    • Kyowa Exeo logistics warehouse

Link existing warehouse management system and EXBeacon platform.

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