EXBeacon Platform

The EXBeacon platform is a new internet for the entire space in indoor facilities. It can be applied to various facilities such as offices, factories, warehouses, construction sites, hotels, airport ports, nursing-care facilities etc.
EXBeacon plafrom measures the position of people and things, and works as a huge sensor that aggregates various sensor data, and supports interaction between things, such as autonomously controlling the space based on sensor data.
In this way, its perculiarity is that, it works as a platform simulataneously with other applications having various purposes. By statistically analyzing the data accumulated in this manner, it becomes possible to clarify and review the problems at the work place, and improve the business process on a continuous basis.

■System configuration
When EXBeacons are appropriately deployed in the target space, they automatically interconnect to form an independent network. The data aggregated on the gateway (EXGateway) is transmitted to the EXBeacon server, filtered to remove noise, and analyzed with the EXIoT analysis engine to generate meaningful data. In addition to making the data visible on a dashboard, WHERE can also provide various kinds of information with the API. The EXBeacon platform can connect to various sensors including temperature and humidity, vital sensors and so on.
To measure the position of a person or a thing, attach a “tag” (a small transmitter) to the target movables, and the platform will receive signals from the tags and pinpoint their locations.


■ Purpose
As a new infrastructure for building facilities, the EXBeacon platform simultaneously performs indoor positioning (measuring the position of people and objects), sensor data collection, remote operation and remote control.

1. Indoor positioning service

The EXBeacon platform combines two positioning methods and four positioning technologies to meet customer’s positioning needs to provide optimal positioning services.

Method: 1. Mobile phone method (Old method) / 2. Beacon tag method
Technique: 5 m positioning (One point); 2 m positioning (One point, Multipoint); 1 m positioning (Directional receiver); 0.2 m positioning (AOA, Image analysis)


2. Sensor data collection service

The EXBeacon platform flexibly connects with various sensors in the building facility and collects environmental data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration, light, sound, local area and gas. By combining multiple target sensors, it functions as the facility’s unique “meta-sensor”. It is unsuitable for large size data transfer, but it is most suitable for “IoT sensing” which reliably collects sensor data in small amount of uneven distribution.

3. Remote monitoring/ Remote control service

The EXBeacon platform remotely monitors the beacon tags used during positioning, including gateways and EXBeacons that make up the network, and the state of the various sensor devices connected (such as battery levels and radio signals). It also uses the “downlink” of the network to remotely control machines and switches.