WHERE, Inc. is currently developing its own advanced technologies such as the new Internet Bluetooth mesh, the positioning technology which utilizes not only radio signals, but also AI cameras and communication standard NB-IoT, for the rapidly growing IoT field. We think in the Japanese society where many people are forgetting monozukuri (manufacturing), it can be said that this group is creative and conspicuous.

We are very proud the idea a week ago is in shape, the technology a month ago is already a solution, a year ago it was poles apart, as if one is in a completely different age. Join us and let’s work together.

The applicant must have more than 2 years working experience in product design or web design.

The applicant must have more than 2 years working experience with Java/Android/Objective-C/C#/PHP/Apache/PostgreSQL/.NET etc.

Age and educational background
Regardless of age and educational background.
However, emphasis is placed on experience, ability and certifications.

Based on our regulations, we will decide upon consultation after considering applicant’s experience and ability.
(Bonus, various types of insurance)

2 days a week, National holidays, and end-of-year and new year.

Work place
Head office : Kioicho Ark Building, 3-29 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
* There is no permanent dispatch to customer site.

Working hours

1. Please send your resume/curriculum vitae (with photo attached) by post or email.
The email address is
2. Based on your resume, career and job history, we will conduct document screening with the corresponding department and recruiter.
The screening result will be sent in one to two weeks.
3. The person responsible for the relevant department will respond. After our company outline explanation, we will proceed with the interview based on the curriculum vitae. We will ask questions such as duties and future orientation.
The selection result will be sent within one week.
4. The president will interview. The selection result will be sent within one week.
5. We would explain the salary, work assignment etc. to those who are offered the job.

3-29, Kiocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,102-0094 Japan