Construction site

It is possible to safely manage the operation of heavy machinery such as aerial work vehicles at construction sites, and also prevent the loss of tools. By using vital sensors, the system can also be used for attendance management and safety management of workers, leading to more efficient on-site management and improved reliability.

■ Location management in the field

Our IoT platform can collect and visualize the location data and sensor information of heavy machinery and workers at construction sites.

  • Managing the location of workers
  • Entry & exit management, work attendance management
  • Location management of various vehicles and their usage visualization
■ Work Process Management

We use information from beacons to manage the process of operation.

  • Process of operation management, progress management
■ Site environmental management

By taking into account the safety of workers at the workplace, we use vital sensors etc. to manage their safety.

  • Environmental management (temperature, humidity, CO2)
  • Safety management (vital information, monitoring whether workers fall down etc.)
■ Case study

Construction sites in 5 locations

  • Managing workers in the field
  • Aerial work vehicle management
  • Working in tunnels
  • Bridge pier inspection
■ Place of deployment

Positioning of workers at a civil engineering work site and entry & exit management system

<Workers’ entry & exit management>


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