It is possible to safely manage the operation of heavy machinery such as aerial work vehicles at construction sites, and also prevent the loss of tools. By using vital sensors, the system can also be used for attendance management and safety management of workers, leading to more efficient on-site management and improved reliability.

Two solutions in the field

Two solutions are available at construction and civil engineering sites.

Aerial platform management solution

Many construction machines and equipment are brought into the construction site, including aerial work vehicles. There are inefficiencies such as not knowing where it is at the site and not knowing the current usage situation. “Aerial work platform solution” is a solution that enables efficient management of such work at a construction site.

Use scene

Main functions and services

System image

System image (screen)

Work place for aerial work / location

Work place for aerial work

Introduction example

Operation status / reservation management of aerial work platforms at construction sites

[Customer] Major air conditioning equipment company

A system that performs advance reservation, reservation status check, and operation status check for aerial work platforms and hypothetical materials that are arranged at many construction sites. Reservations and status checks are done on a floor-by-floor basis.

On-site visitor management solution

By introducing the EXBeacon platform at the construction site, it is possible to perform safety management using worker location management, attendance management, vital sensors, etc.

Use scene

<Use in tunnels and underground sites>

Build an IoT LAN by introducing the EXBeacon platform in tunnels and underground sites where GPS and smartphone radio waves do not reach. Use this new LAN to manage the location and status of workers and objects (heavy equipment, equipment, machine tools, etc.) in the tunnel. Also, by connecting with various sensors, environmental management (temperature / humidity / gas, etc.) in the tunnel and health management of workers by connecting with vital sensors are performed.

<Use in bridges>

By temporarily installing the EXBeacon platform at the bridge construction and maintenance work site, the location management, attendance management, and health management of workers are performed, and the location and status of things (heavy machinery, equipment, machine tools, etc.) are managed. The
The EXBeacon platform can be easily removed and re-installed as work progresses (moving the work area).

Main functions and services

Worker location information / Vital information

On-site visitor information

Introduction example

Location and entry / exit management of workers at civil engineering work sites

[Customer] Omotogumi

System for grasping worker positions at civil engineering work sites. EXBeacon is installed in various places of the scaffolding, and BLE tags are attached to the worker’s helmet to grasp the position of the worker. In conjunction with the worker database, entrance / exit management and daily / monthly management are also performed.

<Reference> [Examples] Worker entry / exit management system [EXBeacon form]
(Construction Industrial Accident Prevention Association)