It is possible to find the whereabouts of staff and patients in the hospital, and to figure out the location of expensive medical equipment in real time. In conjunction with vital sensors, we can provide a system that uses IoT for patient’s health detection and management, monitor when they fall down or collapse etc.

■ Location management in hospitals

We collect location data of people and medical equipment as well as carry out access control in the hospital, and provide useful information for hospital management.

  • Collect and analyze location data of nurses, doctors, patients and staff
  • Asset management for medical equipment etc.
  • Employee entry/exit control, work attendance management
  • Access control
■ Hospital environment management

Environmental management in hospitals is feasible.

  • Hospital environment management (temperature and humidity, CO2)
  • Safety management (vital information, monitoring patients when they fall down or collapse, etc.)
  • Environmental control (air conditioning, illuminations etc.)

■ Case study: Taiwan general hospital asset management

We deployed EXBeacon platform on all floors to manage the location of expensive medical equipment in the entire building.

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