Hospital / elder care

It is possible to find the whereabouts of staff and patients in the hospital, and to figure out the location of expensive medical equipment in real time. In conjunction with vital sensors, we can provide a system that uses IoT for patient’s health detection and management, monitor when they fall down or collapse etc.

Main functions and services


* Service image example “Vital data collection”


Cooperation with hospital system

In the case of hospitals, the IoT DB is connected not only to the EXBeacon platform but also to the in-hospital backbone system (HIS), systems for each medical department, and medical equipment to accumulate various information in the hospital.

IoT DB is the reality of the digital twin. 1) Providing on-site information as appropriate to HIS and systems for each medical department, 2) Providing medical support services at all times, 3) Analyzing stored information using various analysis tools ,to hold.

The amount of information collected by the EXBeacon platform will be 1000 times that of conventional information.


Introduction example

Managing high-priced medical equipment throughout the building

[Customer] Taiwan General Hospital

・ You can see in real time where expensive medical equipment has moved on each floor of the ward. You can also track which floor you have moved.

Care facility employee stress level collection system

[Customer] Major care service company

・ Vital sensor information is used to collect and analyze vital information (stress information) of nursing care facility employees, which can be used to improve employee operations to prevent employee turnover and assaults on users.

Smart hospital demonstration experiment

[Customer] Juntendo Clinic / Softbank Corp.

The first stage of the smart hospital, providing solutions for nurses to improve the efficiency of nursing work using ICT. The nurse schedule, task details, position, etc. can be visualized to support smooth collaboration and optimal staffing.