Yano Economic Research Institute Ltd. posted EXBeacon platform in the October 2018 issue of the “Yano E plus”.

Yano Economic Research Institute Ltd. published our EXBeacon platform in the Yano E plus (October 2018 issue) “IoT Platform Market Report”. In that report, the EXBeacon platform was featured as a new high-performance infrastructure for positioning goods (machines). And our company’s efforts as the provider of this new IoT Platform was highlighted.

■Yano E plus (October 2018 issue)

1. Introduction
1-1. Types of IoT platform and notable features
(1) IoT system configuration
(2) Cloud service for IoT platform
(3) Vertical integration type and horizontal division type
(4) Cloud system and edge system

2. The latest market trends in the IoT platform
(1) Global market overview
(2) Domestic market trends

3. Notable companies’ efforts
3-1. Cloud system related to IoT platform
(1) Ayla Networks Inc.
(2) JSOL Corporation
(3) KCCS Mobile Engineering
(4) Siemens K.K.
(5) SAKURA Internet Inc.
3-2. Other notable companies’ efforts
(1) NEC Platforms, Ltd.
(2) WHERE, Inc Platform (pages 23 ~ 24)