Ultra-thin card-type BLE tag “EXTx Air”

EXTx Air is a beacon tag using BLE 4.1. It can be used with EXBeacon platform to measure the position of tagged moving (people or things), or to measure the position of smartphone application in a store. It has a rechargeable battery which does not require replacement. It can be used for about 6 months when transmission is set at 1 second intervals. Base X is the special charger for EXTx Air, and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge one EXTx Air. Ten of them can be charged simultaneously.
The card size is 1.2 mm, and can be used not only as employee ID card, but also easy to attach on goods and pallets.
Price: 9,800 yen (excluding tax)

EXTx Air Page
EXTx Air Page




Mobilogix Basic Asset Tracker (BAT) an NB-IoT device, is a mobile communication device to achieve low-power and low-cost with LTE standard for narrow band.
WHERE, Inc. has signed a legitimate distributor agreement with Mobilogix (USA) and has decided to sell Mobilogix’s NB-IoT terminals in Japan.
Price: 14,800 yen (excluding tax)

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■EXBeacon Platform & Deployed equipment

· EXGateway+(Gateway): Sends the data collected from the BLE network to the Cloud via LTE/LAN etc.
· EXBeacon+(a transceiver): Installed on ceiling or desktop, collects data from BLE tags, EXTx Air etc.
· EXSensor: Various sensors can be mounted on ordinary EXBeacon device. (Temperature and humidity, PIR etc.)
· EXTx: It is a BLE tag with a replaceable battery. Depending on business requirements the transmission interval can be changed.
· EXTx Air: It is a card type BLE tag which is rechargeable. Depending on business requirements the transmission interval can be changed.
· Base X (Charger): It is a dedicated charger for EXTx Air. It can recharge 10 pieces of EXTx Air at the same time.

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