Regarding the user information that WHERE, Inc (hereinafter referred to as “WHERE”) acquires in connection with the use of “EXOffice Application” (hereinafter referred to as this “Application”) provided by WHERE, WHERE will handle it in accordance with the Privacy Policy as follows.

[Acquisition method and type of information to be acquired]


Acquisition item: Tenant information, Login ID, Password, Bluetooth advertisement information and Location information.

Acquisition method: Tenant information, Login ID and Password are entered by the user in the input form. Bluetooth advertisement information and location information are automatically acquired, even when the Application is in the background.

Purpose of use: They are used for services for the New normal office by constantly sharing location information between the Application administrator and the user as well as among users. Services for the New normal office include “Attendance management”, “Seat reservation system”, “Conference room management” and “Office data analysis” based on location information, which are required for the free-address offices that are becoming more common.

・Firebase Crashlytics
Provider: Google LLC
Acquisition item: Device information acquired by Firebase Crashlytics
Acquisition method: Automatic acquisition
Purpose of use: Performance and quality improvement of this Application, such as analyzing the cause of application crashes.

・Google Analytics for Firebase
Provider: Google LLC
Acquisition item: Device information acquired by Google Analytics for Firebase
Acquisition method: Automatic acquisition
Purpose of use: Trend survey regarding access status and usage of this Application, verification and improvement and the performance and quality improvement of this Application.

The acquired information will be used only for the above purposes and will not be used for other purposes such as sales.

WHERE collects information in a non-personally identifiable manner using the information collection modules listed below, and WHERE does not use the said information to identify the user. WHERE does not send any personally identifiable information used within the Application to the information collection module.

[Information collection module]

Information on the terminal being used and information on the crash status will be sent by the information collection module (Google Firebase SDK) to the server provided by Google LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Google”) which operates “Firebase Crashlytics” and “Google Analytics for Firebase”, and Google will send it to us. Google manages device information and crash information based on Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy below.


In addition, if WHERE acquires the personal information of the customer due to inquiries about this Application, WHERE will handle it according to WHERE’s “Personal Information Protection Policy” .

[Functions that this Application requires]

Location information acquisition
-This Application acquires Bluetooth advertisement information as the location information for using EXOffice service.

-This is used to read the QR code when using the check-in function.

[Consent regarding acquisition and use of user information]

User should check the contents of this privacy policy before installing this Application. Please use this Application only if you read this privacy policy and agree with the contents.

[Personal information protection policy]

WHERE’s basic policy for handling personal information is found at the following URL. When we collect your personal information, we will handle your personal information in compliance with this policy.

[Procedures for changing the privacy policy]

WHERE may change this privacy policy. WHERE will notify you before downloading, due to the version upgrade of this Application, if there are any changes or additions to the acquisition items of user information acquired by WHERE, changes in purpose of use, provision to the third parties, etc. Among all, for the important items, we will obtain consent again at the first startup after installation.


The person in charge of managing your personal information is as follows.

Ken Mori,
Personal information protection management
TEL: +81-(3)-6261-5722

For inquiries and complaints regarding the handling of customer’s personal information entrusted to us, please contact the following.

Kioicho Arc building, 3-29, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 102-0094, Japana

Open for 9:30-18:00, Monday to Friday, except for Japanese holidays