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  2. Factory
  3. Hospital / elder care
  4. Logistics warehouse
  5. Construction Site
  6. Tunnel

エンジニア紹介Introduction of chief engineers

Takeshi Ohyama

Manager of IoT Technology Center

Mr. Ohyama is responsible for short distance wireless device prototype – mass production development. He joined WHERE Inc. in 2016. He pursues the convenience of the user and he challenge every day with the spirit that he makes by himself if there is not exist nothing.After a boyhood when disintegrating personal belongings such as “Why? Why?”, He has been involved in the development and maintenance of semiconductor integrated circuits, production equipment, development and mass production of PCs and mobile terminals.


Tatsuhiko Tsukada

Manager of Software House

Mr. Tsukada is responsible for Software development. He is leading the dashboard development of the EXBeacon platform, development of positioning engine, etc., and promoting the creation of a highly productive team. He is trying to provide products and services that impact the world.


Nobuyuki Akazawa

Manager of Center for Business Creation

Mr. Tomono is responsible for public advertising. He is also working on the next-generation office IoT with the theme of working way reform, and currently promoting solutions for office and data analysis. He is engaged in development of social media such as major banking system and SNS in his former NTT Data Corporation. He has a family of four. He is a coach of a young football on the weekend.

Masahiro Nakayama

Infrastructure Engineer

Mr. Nakayama is responsible for EXCloud development. He graduated from Jun Murai laboratory, Keio University. He has worked in various IT companies and joined WHERE Inc. in 2016. He is developing real-time data processing infrastructure utilizing serverless architecture. He also instruct young engineers training at government cyber security human resource development (security · camp, SecHack 365).

Shannon B. W. Himi

Firmware Development Engineer

Mr.B.W. is responsible for Firmware development. He is carrying out BLE transceiver of EXBeacon platform, firmware development of BLE tag, and ecosystem design. If there is a development board that looks interesting, he will just buy it and play around.