Handling of Personal Information on Material Request

(1) Company Name:


(2) Name of business operator handling the personal information:

Personal information protection manager: Takeshi Mori
E-mail: t_mori@where123.jp
Phone: +81-3-6261-5722

(3) Purpose of use of personal information:

To respond to the contents of your inquiry regarding your requested materials.
To contact to provide information in this regard.

(4) Provision of personal information to a third party:

We will not provide any personal information to a third party without prior consent, unless it is required to do so under the Privacy Law.

(5) Outsourcing of operations to a third party:

We will not outsource the handling of personal information to a third party, neither in part nor in full.

(6) Result if not to provide personal information:

It is arbitrary to provide personal information or not.  If you do not provide a part of personal  information, we may not reply your inquiry contents.

(7) Disclosure and contact regarding personal information held:

An individual may, regarding one`s personal information held by us,  request us to disclose, to inform the purpose of use, to correct or add, to delete, to suspend of use, to erase, or suspend the provision to a third party. Please refer to the contact information below to reach us.

(8) Collection of personal information without identifying individuals:

Our website uses cookies for some content. Cookies are used to store user data on a browser when a website is accessed; however, they do not retain such personal information as a person’s name or their e-mail address. We may also use cookies to perform access analysis in order to deliver more relevant advertising than previously viewed. Cookies can be turned off by changing your browser settings.

(9) Safeguarding personal data:

We take necessary and appropriate measures to safeguard all personal information from unauthorized use, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage. We will delete the personal information acquired after responding your inquiry.

(10) Privacy policy:

Please refer to our website for our privacy policy.

(11) Contact information ragarding handling of personal information,:

【Office to contact】
Contact: Manager of Administration
Address: Kioi-cho Arc Building 4F, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094, Japan
Phone/Fax: +81-3-6261-5722 / +81-3-6261-5725
E-mail: t_mori@where123.jp